New roof pavers of recycled rubber tire

We wanted to build as large a planting bed as was practically possible. We also wanted to make sure there was room on the roof for trees and potted plants, and for sitting areas; space for house members and their guests to socialize, or to just be up there in quiet contemplation.

installing recycled rubber pavers on roof

Since we anticipated more vigorous use, we wanted to protect the existing roof with a new surface covering for the areas outside of the raised planting bed.

installing recycled rubber pavers on roof

We selected a product made from recycled rubber tire, Playguard Safety Surfacing, which was originally developed for use in playgrounds, but that also has rooftop, patio and other applications. We purchased the material from Close the Loop, a retailer specializing in recycled products and green building materials.

The 2.5″ x 2′ square tiles are durable and heavy (about 25lbs each), but easy to assemble through a system of interlocking connectors, requiring no special expertise. The tiles do not need to be adhered to the roof surface, and allow for water drainage. They’re slip-resistent and put a spring in your step!


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