Apt. Available

An apartment is presently available. It is a studio unit, approximately 300sf.

The 2017 sale price for Apartment 2A is $95,008. Sale is restricted to those earning no more than 120% of Area Median Income, as per the following schedule:

Household Size: 1 $63,300
Household Size: 2 $72,300
Household Size: 3 $81,375

The monthly maintenance fee for Apartment 2A in 2017 is $318.

Umbrella House HDFC is a limited-equity co-op. Since the purpose of such co-ops is to maintain and continue affordable housing for the benefit of the community and not for the personal gain of any individual or corporation, there are resale and other restrictions on shareholders. These restrictions are identified in the Regulatory Agreement governing the operation of the HDFC.

The deadline for completed applications and all requested documentation is MONDAY AUGUST 14, 2017.

There will be an opportunity to view the available apartment in late July. If you would like to be invited to the apartment viewing please email your NAME and PHONE NUMBER to info@umbrellahouse.nyc

Opportunities to view the available apartment have passed.

Following review of submitted applications and related documentation, applicants meeting required criteria will be invited to meet with Umbrella House HDFC shareholders for an interview.


Umbrella House Application (as a PDF)

Umbrella House Application (as a Word Doc)